Vision & Mission


Being a strong and leading institute: 

İntegrating with students, teachers, families, and related educational institutions all;  
Able to apply the most efficient educational activities by continuously feeding themselves from scientific studies; 

Always able to develop itself with team spirit;

To be able to produce individuals who can synthesize the eastern and western cultures and interpret the world in which they are in correctly;

Being a strong leading institution that can spread the concept of “private” school instead of “mercenary/paid” concept.

Our mission 

Starting from the principle "Every child is specific", to identify the areas in which our students are strong and in which they need to be developed,

As a result of our education and training activities, to be able to improve students who have meta-cognitive skills and self-awareness, who reach the taste of self-learning, self-monitoring, self-evaluating and self-organizing qualities.

to educate students who can use the concepts of generosity, sharing, cooperation, loyalty, rights, responsibility, law, justice, morality, honesty, compassion, self-confidence, love and respect in their social life,

Raising our students’ parents awareness at home and in other platforms with family trainings and to aim to educate our children, our common stakeholders and future leaders, with an educational model that will enable them to be collective-sensitive individuals.