At the ILK Hece Kindergarten

At the ILK Hece Kindergarten

  • ILK Hece Kindergarten education begins in September and continues during the whole year.

  • Summer school program is applied in July and August.

  • ILK Hece Kindergarten is open from 08:00 to 18:30

  • ILK Hece Kindergarten is closed on weekends and official holidays.

  • I Ilk Hece Kindergarten, two weekly (Saturday or Sunday) family training programs are planned each month. These programs aimed at supporting the development of Positive Behaviors and Skills in the home environment are implemented by specialist academicians.

  • In our school, education is made by dividing into six monthly periods in different age groups.

  • Children work with our pre-school specialist teachers in educational environments that designed to suit their own developmental levels.

  • Bilingual education program is applied in ILK Hece Kindergarten classes.

  • In our classes, pre-school teachers and "native speakers" run a joint training program.