The Model of Ilk Hece

“"Family trainings are our indispensable ..."”
“"We have the ability to resolve all the needs of our students in the Ilk Hece"”
“"Balanced nutrition in the Ilk Hece Kindergarten is the most important building block of the works."”
“"Every student is very specific, and every student has a very strong side to explore. For this reason, we believe that all of our staff should add value to with educational programs, and the physical spaces as well. "”
“"In the pre-school institutions that are in the best and best quality preschool order in the world; Only 25% of the daily flow is in the classroom "”
“"Children who do not feel the use of their bodies for the right purposes show more problematic behaviors"”
“"We are aware that we are working with tiny ladies and small gentlemen who can navigate the future."”
“"We are the kindergarten that is aware of vocational career prerequisites"”
“"The workshops are the basis of our students' logic/curiosity and career development"”
“"In addition to family support to our specialists, we do not only teach the language and communication skills, but on the contrary, we acquire" (acquiring in natural ways, teaching in structured ways).”
“"Not a single approach, but an application center where scientific and rich approaches are used together"”
“"We always take our greatest strength from our Professional Team, who acts with a team spirit, who can demonstrate fast character, who attaches importance to ethical and moral values, and brings up the Formation to the top by personal development."”